Five days ago, an article on me was published on the popular wellness site Titled ‘Why I started Reiki‘ it talks about my personal experiences and the doubts I had and the events that dispelled these.

A sample:-

As I started the practice I went through a process of doubt and always wondered about how it works. My individual crystallising moment was when I found that my mother who was travelling had knee pain which was really bothering her, with a focused thought to help her, I healed her. During this time we weren’t even in the same city, but through distance healing I was able to connect with her and beam her with positive energy that relieved her of the pain. I was thrilled. For me there was one major realisation: I knew I had finally discovered that one life-altering belief—that has now become a practice and a way of life—that will always give me strength. I was right.

Read the complete article here.

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