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Chakra Balancing with Reiki Chakras are energy centre’s or vortexes in our body, they are wheels of spinning energy each pertaining to various organs in our bodies. Our Chakras collect Life Force Energy and then direct it to the organs they are responsible for to help...

Energy Healing for Pets: High-Impact Outcomes

Energy Healing for Pets: High-Impact Outcomes

Energy Healing For Pets: High-Impact Outcomes One cannot tell which animal was the first to be domesticated but as we all know we are dependent on our pets as much as they are on us. As is the case with all relationships, this, too, is complex and those of us who are...

The Origins of Karuna Reiki

The Origins of Karuna Reiki

The Origins of Karuna Reiki Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassion, that which takes away the pain and eases discomfort. An offshoot of traditional Usui/Tibetan Reiki developed by William Lee Rand, a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki is considered to be an advanced...

Ashwini Bhave on Wellthlink.com

Ashwini Bhave on Wellthlink.com

Five days ago, an article on me was published on the popular wellness site Wellthlink.com. Titled 'Why I started Reiki' it talks about my personal experiences and the doubts I had and the events that dispelled these. A sample:- As I started the practice I went through...


Ashwini Bhave is a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner - Teacher. Certified by The International Center for Reiki Training (IRCRT) U.S.A. Beside Reiki, she is a certified practitioner of Pranic Healing, Dowsing and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

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