Chakra Balancing with Reiki

Chakras are energy centre’s or vortexes in our body, they are wheels of spinning energy each pertaining to various organs in our bodies. Our Chakras collect Life Force Energy and then direct it to the organs they are responsible for to help them function properly.  When the Chakra system is working in sync, then the vibration in the entire physical body is raised and clearing and healing can take place.

Sometimes these Chakras can become out of balance, causing physical, Emotionally, mentally symptoms of disease in the body. Even if there is if just one Chakra is out of balance, there will be discord in your physical reality (even if it is only a headache!).

Reiki practitioner use the Chakrasystem as they provide a more detailed energetic map of the body, allowing the healer to focus his or her energy where it is most needed.

In Reiki, the practitioner learns how to feel the energy of each Chakra and helps bring them into balance by the various hand positions that are learned. During a healing session, the practitioner gives Reiki to the Chakra centers, removing any blockages that may exist within.

Steps for Chakra Balancing with Reiki

  1. Find a quiet place and comfortable position to go through the meditation.
  2. Call upon the Masters of Reiki Energy, your Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael and any other divine beings you would like to be present with you.
  3. Request Devine beings to clear the space around you of any negative or stuck energy. Ask the Devine beings to shield your aura and the space around you in a bubble of violet light.
  4. Activate the Reiki Symbols on both the palms with the intention of Chakra healing and balancing – Dai Ko Myo (If attuned to Master Symbol), Zonar, Rama and Shanti.
  5. Place one hand above the Crown and the other above the Root Chakra sensing the feeling of the chakra energy in your hands. In case you feel like less energy in one Chakra you can offer Reiki with both hands to that chakra and then come back to the original position.
  6. Work till there is a feeling of balance in both the Chakra. Once you feel that there is balance and when you intuitively feel like proceeding to the next position.
  7. Then place one hand just above the Third Eye Chakra and the other over the Sacral Chakra.
  8. Move your hands up and down gently, again sensing the chakra and facilitating the balancing of energy.
  9. Then move one hand to hover over the Throatchakra and the other above the Navel Chakra. Do the same as above.
  10. Finally bring both hands over the Heart Chakra and simply allow the receiver to respond naturally to Reiki.
  11. Thank Masters of Reiki Energy, your Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael and any other divine beings you would like to be present with you.

Trust your intuition throughout this process and always make sure the receiver is left in a calm and balanced state

You may receive insights into your pressing issue during the session. You may also get insights on how to go about resolving the issue. It advisable to evaluate if Reiki alone can be to deal with the situation or counselling / complementary therapy is required.

With regular Chakra balancing a person may begin to receive insights into the issues present on the deeper layers of the Chakra.

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